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Google and RJO Produce Marketing Looking Through the Eyes of an RJO Bird Dog


January 23, 2014


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA - RJO Produce Marketing is selected by Google to participate in the Select Google Glass Explore Program.


RJO Produce Marketing - a national leader in fresh produce, providing independent representation and field-based quality management – revealed today they have been selected by Google to test Google Glass in their Bird Dog field inspection program.  RJO Produce Marketing, a leading innovator in field based inspections and quality management has been using Google Glass since late December, 2013, exploring the emerging technology and its possible integration with their Bird Dog App.


“Our commitment to our clients is to be their boots on the ground, in the fields, orchards, packing sheds, cold storage facilities and international ports of entry, to ensure the quality attributes most important to them are delivered” said Rob O’Rourke of RJO Produce Marketing. He added, “We are excited about having been recognized by Google as an innovator, but more so by the enormous potential and value Google Glass could bring to our clients.  Glass has the capability to create even greater efficiencies - in our already cutting edge inspection program - helping our Bird Dog inspectors deliver valuable information to our clients ahead of the curve, augmenting (and eventually replacing) handheld technology currently used in the field.”


RJO customers currently have the ability to assess and quantify the quality of fresh produce in ways never done before. The Bird Dog App™ and BDQ scoring system (introduced by RJO in 2013) provide unbiased, quantifiable quality information based on each RJO clients’ quality specifications. Emerging technologies such as Google Glass will no doubt continue to create greater strategic advantages for RJO customers and significantly add to their bottom lines. 






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