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We believe our long-term value is founded on our core values, culture and the manner in which each individual reflects those in their day to day activities.

The Company


RJO offers a wide variety of services to help our clients work smart and maximize their profitability. Our services include comprehensive on-ground representation that includes quality assurance inspections, in depth market analysis, and category management services for key perishable commodities.

RJO is especially proud to have earned both the Red Book "Business Character Award" and the Blue Book "Trading Member" status. These prestigious awards represent our ongoing commitment to excellence in all we do.



What We Want to Be


“To always strive for the quality outcome for our clients, and by doing so becoming the most successful marketing partner in select produce categories in the US retail food industry."

RJO is dedicated to helping our suppliers and customers create value by delivering the best, most consistent quality fruit to meet our consumer’s needs.  The produce department significantly impacts the supermarket’s brand, image and shopper loyalty.  RJO intends to be the industry expert in providing information and services designed to help its trading partners make the best decisions to enhance these measures and optimize their financial performance.

Our success will be measured by the strength of our long term relationships with existing clients and demand for our services from new clients throughout the United Sates.  Shipper/growers will seek an alliance with us, valuing our strong knowledge of the retail marketplace; customer needs, consumer trends and category performance drivers.  Retailers will seek us out for our dependable, consistent ability to understand and deliver products and recommendations that help them achieve their business plans.  

Our vision is to deliver service so exemplary that our retail clients will see no need for and eliminate their field office buyers in the categories we represent and our shipper clients will select us as their preferred representative to their retail accounts.


Our long-term purpose


"Providing expert information to optimize business results in key fresh produce categories"

Company Philosophy

Maintaining Our Culture of Excellence

We believe our long-term value is founded on our core values, culture and the manner in which each individual reflects those in their day to day activities.

RJO is dedicated to building long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial, value-adding business relationships.  All energies of the company are spent on activities that move us in this direction.  Activities focused on delivering short-term results, or results that benefit RJO to the detriment of our clients, are discouraged.

Our core values provide guidance in all situations,

but especially those situations where uncertainty prevails:


We exercise the highest degree of integrity in the conduct of our business.


We build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Continuous Improvement

We perpetually seek to improve our services, our professional expertise and development and our competitiveness.

Employee Participation

We work as a team.  We treat our employees with dignity and respect.  We believe in mutual loyalty and commitment to the accomplishment of our client’s objectives.

Since its inception, RJO has been recognized nationally for its excellent service and high quality standards.

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