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Year-Round Summer Fruit Leader - RJO Produce Marketing Bird Dog Customers' Summer Fruit All Year Long


March 01, 2011


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA. RJO Produce Marketing - the nation's leading year-round summer fruit specialists - never take a break. With a year-round summer fruit program, RJO Bird Dog inspectors are kept busy all year long. As the season draws to a close on the West Coast of the United States, Bird Dogs take up residence on the icy shores of Philadelphia receiving shipments from the warm Southern hemisphere. Quality inspections take place at the port to ensure only the best quality of fruit available gets to their customers.


"Our customers demand the best on a year-round basis and we fill the need" stated Robert O'Rourke, Vice President at RJO. He added, "We are where the Summer fruit is, from coast to coast, testing to ensure the fruit our customers order meets our (and their) high standards. When our shipments from Chile arrive they are greeted by RJO Produce Bird Dog inspectors who test shipments for sweetness, size and pressures. We watch what our customers can't to make certain their customers receive the very best quality Summer fruit available - anywhere."


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