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RJO Introduces New “RJO Fresh Pics” Program Utilizing QR Code Technology That Allows Customers Quick and Effortless Access To Growers, Their Produce and Retailer Brand Marketing


March 19, 2012


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA - The new “RJO Fresh Pics” Program takes customers from the produce department direct to the fields where their selected produce is grown using their smart phone.  Video shorts are accessed through QR code technology and hosted by highly trained and personable RJO Bird Dog Inspectors who tout the merits of the produce before them.


RJO Produce Marketing - a national leader in fresh produce, providing independent representation and field-based quality management – announced today that they have completed development of the new “RJO Fresh Pics” QR code program. Once QR codes are made available in the produce department (through POS merchandising or on-pack labeling) customers are able to see where and how their produce is grown.  RJO Bird Dog Inspectors proclaim the positive attributes of the specific variety – such as freshness, eat-ability, size, growing region factors and harvest – reinforcing the consumers purchase decision.  When fully utilized, retailers customize their consumer messaging to include recipes, cross marketing to complimentary products and / or other varieties (or produce items) to complete the recipe provided, retail brand marketing messages and more. 


“We are truly excited about our new “RJO Fresh Pics” Program.  Today’s consumers thrive on information and are increasingly concerned about freshness and healthy eating.  This program not only fulfills their need for information, but does so in a fun medium and in near real time…” said Rob O’Rourke of RJO Produce.  He added, “When fully embraced by retailers, the program allows them to tell their story, build category sales and creates continuity across commodities and department.”



Additional Resources:  RJO Fresh Pics - QR Codes


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