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RJO Produce Marketing Introduces Ground Breaking Digital Application Allowing Buyers Maximum Efficiency Through Access to Real-Time Field Crop Data


January 7, 2012


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA - New “Bird Dog App” Is a High-Tech Extension of the RJO Bird Dog Inspection Program


RJO Produce Marketing - a national leader in fresh produce, providing independent representation and field-based quality management – announced today that they have completed development of their “game changing” Bird Dog App.   The App is an extension of RJO’s highly acclaimed Bird Dog inspection program and will be able to instantly track crop quality in the field.  Certified Bird Dog inspectors have begun using this new system in Android format with Apple IPhone and IPad versions in development.  The Bird Dog App allows RJO Bird Dog inspectors in the field to photograph, collect and instantly classify the quality of any fresh produce they are inspecting in the field.  The system allows the Bird Dog to input a broad range of quality characteristics for each commodity and variety; from size, color and solidity to brix and overall appearance. User / Customers can use this data to maximize efficiencies in their procurement and marketing efforts – thus increasing their bottom line.


“This application is a game changer for our customers” said Rob O’Rourke at RJO Produce Marketing.  He added, “We developed this application to enhance the efficiencies of our Bird Dogs and speed the delivery of critical information to our customers, allowing them the ability to invest with confidence - giving them the peace of mind that they’re receiving exactly what they expect from their grower partners.”


Additional Resources:  RJO Bird Dog App Final - 120107


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