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RJO Produce Marketing Expands Patent-Pending Scoring Technology to Measure the Quality of Fresh Produce Based on Customer Specific Specifications Against the Market and Over Time


September 4, 2012


FRESNO, CALIFORNIA - The New Bird Dog Quality (BDQ) Scoring System™, a High-Tech Extension of the much acclaimed RJO “Bird Dog App™” provides quantifiable scores for produce and provides exacting matches to customer quality specs.


RJO Produce Marketing - a national leader in fresh produce, providing independent representation and field-based quality management – announced today they have taken their patent-pending technology to the next level. Working with a local university, product scoring algorithms were reviewed and modified to allow adjustments based on customer specific quality specifications. BDQ™ scores reflect the key attributes determined by the customer to measure their desired quality against the market and over time. Quality characteristics for each commodity; from size, color and solidity, to brix and overall appearance are broken down to a rudimentary level and stored in the RJO database. RJO customers now have the ability to assess and quantify the quality of fresh produce in ways never done before. This new process brings the Bird Dog App™ and BDQ scores full circle providing unbiased, quantifiable quality information based on their quality specifications. No longer are buyers working off a “best available” or this “ranks #1” and have to apply it to their business.


 “Our customers establish the baseline” said Rob O’Rourke at RJO Produce Marketing.  He added, “They determine the quality attributes which are most important to them and their consumers. The customer ranks the key attributes and weights the importance. The BDQ score will let them know who has the best product based on their goals. No longer will buyers have to wonder if what they are being offered is a real value.  Tracking this information via our database will give our customers independent, unbiased quality information measured against the market and over time.  We believe that information equates to increased profits when used properly.  RJO fulfills that critical need for our customers. If It’s Bird Dog Quality™… it’s quality they can count on.”


Additional Resources:  Patent-Pending Scoring Technology_final_120904


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