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RJO Bird Dogs are loyal,

hard working and very smart.

Quality Driven. Quality Delivered.


The RJO Bird Dogs provide an independent assessment of market conditions and act as our clients eyes and ears in the field - thoroughly understanding our customers category goals and ensuring their strategic goals are being met.

RJO field office services add to the Bird Dog’s offering by supplying retail quality audits and price checks in support of the entire Produce Team.

The work of an RJO Bird Dog is also the work in the field - wherever delicious fruits, berries and other produce grow. He relies not only on his highly specialized training, years of experience and keen eye but as well as cutting-edge proprietary technology developed by RJO Produce to find the great and finest produce available.


Each day, Bird Dogs visit the field in search of the best fruits available to meet their clients' specific requirements. Fruit is measured, tested and then assigned a BBQ (Bird Dog Quality) Score on a comprehensive list of quality attributes.


Customers no longer have to rely on best available. Bird Dogs work hard to see the customers get exactly what they are looking for - by the numbers. From the field to cold storage to loading into quality control trucks, RJO Bird Dogs are there every step of the way to ensure quality.

Watch RJO Bird Dogs in Action

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