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Consistent Inconsistencies

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Washington Cherries are known for their polished quality, unfaltering crop forecasts and, wait…this is cherries we are talking about!! After pulling out three quarters of our hair here with the wild California Cherry Season, we assumed that our transition North to Washington would give us sometime to apply Rogaine and rinse and repeat; however we were wrong. Guessing volumes for the week has been simply that, guessing. Our Bird Dogs are hearing so many different estimates that we started to include neck massages in the covered medical with as much head spinning we are doing up here.

The saving grace that we have is that quality has been good, not perfect, but GOOD!  Currently we are in a lull between the two peaks in volume for the season and as we anxiously await the next peak, Mother Nature reminded us who is boss… yeah, rain…Rain across the state, however there were certain regions that got hit with more than others. Now remember in California when we got rain, splits occurred which is a word that no one wants to hear! We are supposed to get into a glut of fruit over the weekend; however with the rains, our Bird Dogs will be extra busy sifting through lot after lot making sure that we load the right fruit on the truck!

 After we make our way through this second peak, historically the cherry season slowly comes to an end by the second week of August with some shippers having fruit through the later part of the month. However, reoccurring theme here, this year is different! Some shippers expect to have fruit similar to their historic projections, though other shippers say they could end before that, while another says they will have good promotion volume into September! This type of confidence is not exactly what you like to hear if you are across the country at your desk planning your ads for August; will there or won’t there be cherries?

We can tell you this in confidence, that the August 1st cherries will be available, but we have learned our lesson with the 2011 Cherry Season, nothing is for sure and make sure you have a Bird Dog!!!

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