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Melons Cantaloupe, Honeydew and mixed melons

MelonsCalifornia melons are the finest in the region.  The hot, dry conditions in California growing areas along with careful field preparation and irrigation practices ensure that California grown melons stay dry during the growing period. This results in a cleaner, higher quality melon. In addition, most California melons are packed directly from the field into shipping boxes, which means they are handled as little as possible, thereby lessening the likelihood of damage. In shed packing operations, care is taken to ensure the water used to clean the melons is continually tested for purity. Cantaloupes from California’s main growing region in the Central San Joaquin Valley are subject to continuous government inspection to ensure quality and safety. California grown melons are harvested at their peak of ripeness from early-May through mid-October.

Last Updated Saturday, May 27, 2017 - 11:45 PM.