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Soft Fruit

Tree FruitThere’s something for every palate among the 600 peach, plum and nectarine varieties. Traditional yellow peach and nectarine varieties offer the perfect balance of sweet and tart. White flesh peaches and nectarines, eaten when crisp and crunchy or ripened until soft and juicy, provide a unique sweet experience. The wide diversity of plum flavors, colors and shapes deliver a delicious range of complex and constantly changing choices throughout the summer season.

When the proper color, size and maturity are reached, the fruit is carefully harvested by hand, piece by piece, and taken to the packing facility to be sorted, packed and cooled for shipping to RJO clients throughout the United States. Each of the 600 varieties of peaches, plums and nectarines has its own specific harvest time, and will often undergo many pickings over the course of season to make sure the fruit is harvested at just the right time.

Each year’s harvest dates are a little different, as each year’s weather will affect harvest timing. Generally speaking, California stone fruit is harvested from late April through October. When the California stone fruit season is completed, RJO continues to supply our customers a wide range of stone fruit during the winter months from South American growing regions.

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